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明星 2017-10-10 15:38:01

Little dragon female out of the news spread quickly, a lot of net friend want to know who is the object of etta out of the ark, so small make up to give everyone a grilled steak, interested friends, come quickly!

Etta admit that out of the ark

Elaine daughter etta released on the Internet: "I 'm gay!" , publicly acknowledged that out! Her cohabitation more published in English for foreign friend Andi zonin declaration of love, cause for concern.


Etta earlier had to drop out of school to run away from home, with Andi live cohabitation, has repeatedly been found and Andi parade, eat fast food, more recently cut a masculine skin head, impressive.

Zhuo Lin Gong open ark, Hong Kong media reporters rushed to her and Andi is located in the north point of the love mew waiting, until last night (5) 10, wearing a fleece etta, followed by wear slippers bun Andi suddenly appeared outside the building, believe that two people have just returned after shopping.

Wu Zhuo linyi found journalists, profanity in blurts out: "Oh! Shxx!" Immediately put on the fleece hat, with Andi both feet into the building elevator, because two people are old buildings, the elevator has a switch, zonin used hand signal reporters don't shoot, she rushed into the elevator, and by Andi helper a switch.